AUM Acquisition
Data science, strategic creative, programmatic media, deep industry knowledge, and
first-hand experience combine to change the way modern companies drive their businesses.

is a leader in these areas. Led by a former quantitative portfolio manager, the firm balances IQ and EQ to optimize the acquisition journey to Touch New Ground Without Breaking It.


Why Systematic Messaging

So much about life is timing. Being in front of prospects at the right time and place, equipped with the right message, optimizes the journey, increasing the probability of success.

Data is everywhere. Marketing, sales, and the web are overwhelmed with it. Understanding how to analyze it, use it, and optimize it advances the prospect’s journey from random to a proven process for acquisition.

Process, Process, Process

Establishing the right messaging foundation. Developing multiple creative approaches. Enabling cross-channel, real-time reporting to guide our team toward the right media, messaging, and data. This process enhances the E5A team’s ability to work both effectively and efficiently.

Having a process that is stable, repeatable, and scalable allows us to achieve our goals. We don’t accept every client that approaches us. If the firm, product or service, prospect data, and media align, we are ready to dive in—a high probability of success awaits.

Our Focus


Winning new AUM is the lifeblood of every manager and product. As former asset managers and ETF designers, we have won assets directly from institutions, financial advisors, qualified and accredited investors, and mass retail audiences. Today, we assist our clients in achieving the same results.



Investor acquisition is the key to success for Reg A+ and Reg D raises. E5A has supported raising an unparalleled amount of capital for a wide range of startups, entrepreneurs, and emerging growth companies. We are active members of this fast-growing ecosystem and committed to education and best practices.



From private equity firms raising funds to developers seeking to expand their circle of investors, E5A supported them. We have worked from multi-family to senior housing to industrial. We find that all of our successful raises involve a solid firm with an auditable track record, even if deal-to-deal, and a scalable and repeatable investment process.



We have made a measurable impact for clients in technology, publishing, consumer products, and professional services. The need to acquire customers efficiently at scale remains paramount. Our success in client (B2B) and customer (B2C) acquisition is broad and deep.



E5A was founded to leverage data, messaging, and media to support acquiring capital, assets to manage, and customers across industries. With a career spanning marketing, quantitative portfolio management, and advertising, our founder set out to design processes that leveraged the math of stock selection for equity portfolios and ETFs and transfer it back to his original discipline: marketing. The dataset of the Internet and social media is vastly larger than that of the stock market. Improving data at statistically significant sizes and analysis can lead to optimal results. Optimizing data, messaging, and creative approaches can help support in more revenue generation, investors, and AUM won.

This first-hand experience and vision place E5A into a category of its own.

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